Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Found It!

I finally found the fabric I was lookin for at the quilting shop in downtown Franklin. I picked up some at JoAnn but it wasn't what I had envisioned. And it was pink and orange and not at all the shabby chic style that Angie is going for. This won't be a perfect match but hopefully it will go with the "spirit" of the room. The quilting store was great. I've never been in one before but they had tons of fabric in every imaginable pattern. They definitely had a better selection for what I wanted. I'd show you a pic of what I picked up originally but my camera is completely dead and it took way too long for me to figure how to post a pic using Amanda's camera and software, etc. but lets just say I won't be keeping it. Looking at it now I'm wondering what I was thinking since I don't even like it.

Halle has battled the flu and won this week. She had a high fever for 3 days and so I took her to the Dr. because that is very unusual for her. But the Dr. said it was the flu and that she was on the other side of it and that there was nothing they could do about it. Which was fine with me because I don't want her to be on antibiotics anyway. It's actually been almost a year since the whole tragic mouth incident when she was on antibiotics. She also has quite the scar on the roof of her mouth. I didn't realize that you could have a scar there. But she's much better health wise and I'm happy because she.was.miserable.

And I got a haircut this week! At a super-awesome salon no less. When I lived in Hendersonville the property manager of the apartment complex that I worked at recommended that I go to Fantastic Sam's because a girl that worked there used to do hair at a department store. It's the one that was Proffit's then Hecht's then Macy's- whatever store it was before Proffits which was before my time. Anyway, I've gone there ever since but since we moved to AL and came back I started letting another girl cut my hair. She's nice and my hair always looks fine but there are always spots that she misses. Plus I was tired of driving an hour and a half round trip to get my hair done- and gas being over $3 a gallon sort of pushed me over the edge. I was hesitant to call them because I got my hair done at Micheline's in Lakeland a couple of times and they were super snooty. When I moved back to Lakeland from PC I called them because just before our wedding I decided to highlight my hair with a cap and hook and ended up bleaching a quarter size spot in the middle of my head. So I called and said I needed to have my hair colored, blah, blah, blah and the not so nice guy on the other end said that they'd have to look at my hair and then decide if they'd color it or not. Seriously? So it was a huge relief when I called and they were really nice. I even asked for an internist (cheaper haircut) and she was excited and said they had an appointment available in 20 minutes. It was totally my lucky day- blessed day, whatever, I was happy. Then I colored and highlighted it (with some help from Amanda) and it looks pretty good. I'm looking forward to the day when I can afford to have someone else color my hair. It is such a chore and I hate it. Amanda had her hair done the same day by a guy that had cut her hair when she went to get it done for free during the apprentice class that they have. He had to cut quite a bit off because a lot of it was breaking from all of the bleaching she's done to it. All in all I think we're both pretty happy.

And that's a wrap.
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Christy said...

Fun. I heart that fabric.
Also...isn't new hair great? I go to a snooty salon in Hyde Park, but people aren't actually snooty at all, which is probably why I keep going there. But they're good enough that if they wanted to be snooty, they could get away with it. Instead, they're cool, artistic people.
I went to Micheline's once, too and got the same vibe as you.

Mary said...

Love the fabric. Makes me want to make her something too. Maybe I will, we are going down in April. Have they picked a name?

I finally picked a salon too...I choke every time I pay for it, but I don't spend anything on myself and haven't spent money on haircuts in I'm just catching up.

I'm glad Halle is getting better. Poor girl. It's so hard to watch the little ones struggle through sickness.

Mary said...
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Amy said...

Christy- Hyde Park? Yikes that's a drive. I do so love Hyde Park though. If I lived in FL I think I'd want it to be there.

Mary- Her name is going to be Kylie something. I can't believe I deleted that e-mail. But I'm planning on embroidering her initials on each of the blocks. That would be so cool for you to make something for her. It looks like you'll see their new baby before we do *again*.

Amy said...

Ooh, and, since I got my hair cut by an intern it was half the price and it only cost $5 more than having the same thing done at Fantastic Sam's. Only it was a way better haircut *and* since it's in downtown Franklin it's a very cool, posh looking space. I'm hooked. Of course eventually Jennifer won't be an intern...

Angie said...

Amy~ You found great fabric and I love the colors and patterns. Kyleigh will love playing with them and they seem so decorative too esp if they spell out her name! No pressure. I know our spelling means more blocks. Did Land of Nod ever send you samples? Just curious.

We were just at Pottery Barn Kids at Hyde Park and I turned on a side street and loved looking at all the older houses. Reminded me a little of Memphis.

Can't wait until you all come for a visit!

Amy said...

I just ordered the samples from Land of Nod. It took me a while because I actually had to make a phone call (yikes! you mean I have to talk to a *person*?!?) instead of just ordering it online.

Hooked on Houses said...

I love Land of Nod. I bought an adorable chandelier for my daughter's bedroom there. And it wasn't even exorbitantly expensive! -Julia