Friday, November 09, 2007

So I Shouldn't Post When I'm Ticked Off or Grouchy?

No, I shouldn't post when I'm ticked off. Because I just talked with Chloe's teacher and she said that the whole thing was a mistake and that a letter should have never been sent home. She was merely asking for guidance from her peers for tips to help Chloe hold her pencil correctly and the guidance counselor misunderstood and thought that she was saying that Chloe might need *occupational therapy*. I don't think I mentioned that last night. I explained (calmly again) to her teacher that I felt blind-sided and she understood and said that she would have too. It was especially difficult to deal with last night because that day I was very happy about how well Chloe was doing in school- finally. She wasn't crying anymore and saying that she wanted to stay home. Her teacher confirmed that she is doing very well and the pencil thing isn't even a *huge* deal but is something that she works on with her for time to time. OK, I can move on now.


Tisra said...

The whole thing is crazy...and a bit of a knee-jerk, I suspect. I'm glad you know your daughter well enough to keep the System at bay. Occupational therapy?

Hey, I guess there's a positive to it- they were willing to throw a bunch of resources her way *just for holding her pencil wrong*. I mean, it could be a school district that overlooks stuff and hopes they get by.

I have ALWAYS had a callous on my middle finger (since I started writing). And, even today- though I hardly handwrite at all- it remains. I remember once or twice being urged to grip the pencil a bit softer or to try a pencil grip, but nothing really worked and it didn't bother me and my handwriting was oh well. You've got a bright little girl on your hands- she'll flourish even if she never changes her grip. Which I know you know.

Amy said...

Well, in the schools defense, I'm sure that's why they're an award winning school. They have some great things in place so that kids don't fall throught the cracks. I'm pleased with the conversation I had with her teacher even though I do have a bit of a knot in my stomach about it. Nobody wants to get a note from school that says "your child is having trouble in school". Even if it is in error.

On the up-side though I did have a conversation with Chloe and she said "I have so many friends and everybody loves me"! It seems that my little girl is back.

Mary said...

I'm not even her mother and I feel relieved.

I'm so glad it was a mistake.