Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's an All Chloe Day!

Oh my goodness! I dropped my precious Chloe off for her first day of school today. Of course, in typical Chloe fashion, she wasn't the least bit concerned about my leaving her. She was just content to take in all of the sights at her new school and to make friends. I'm sure you're wondering why, since this is such a big day, I don't have pictures of the occasion. Well that's because I loaned my camera to Amanda who is finishing her semester of school today. I'd have to say that I held up pretty well although I did get a bit teary but I decided to make her first day of school a non-dramatic one and kept my tears (and the hole in my heart) to myself.

I was able to talk to Ms. Macintyre her teacher and found out where the students are in the year and I was very relieved to learn that Chloe isn't really behind. There are some things she hasn't learned such as a page full of sight-words but I'm going to make flash cards and Chloe will know those by the time she gets back to school from Christmas break. And the other thing is journaling. They write in their journals most days of the week so during the break we'll read a story and I'll have Chloe write a sentence about it and draw a picture (which is what her teacher said that the students do) and she should be familiar enough with everything to be up to speed.

I'm so excited for her. She's going to be in a learning environment for the whole day (yes, ideally home school should be a constant learning environment but it wasn't here) and will be able to make friends, do crafts, learn music and I am thrilled for her. I will miss her dearly here but she and Halle seem to be fine with the new arrangement and I will have more time to do things that I need to do here. And now I'm off to pick up Amanda from her last day at her current High School. Pray for her if you think of it- thanks. Posted by Picasa


mary said...

Tisra told me this morning of Chloe's big adventure and though I understand your tears I am so excited for her, as I know you are too. She was meant to stand out in a crowd, and how can she if there is no crowd? :)

Bless Amanda...I hope this is a much better change for her than she can even imagine.

Amy said...

It's so true- she definitely needs a crowd. And I think that the crowd may need her as well. Sigh. It was a rough day without her but I know that this is definitely the best thing for her.

I believe that this is going to be better than she could have imagined but I have to keep that to myself since she's taking an I'll-believe-it-when-I-see-it attitude.

Tisra said...

I'm as excited for Chloe as any not-parent can be! Yay Chloe!

Praying for Amanda. When I was just a smidge younger than her, I went to England alone for a solid month during summer break. While I was at Grandma's house, my parents bought a new house on a different side of town- without me. I didn't have to change schools, but felt extremely betrayed. "Why didn't they ask for *my* input?!" "I can't believe they didn't wait until I was home." I remember it being really hard for some reason, and it is such a smaller deal than what Amanda is going through. Indeed, I will be praying for her transition.

Traci said...

I'm sure Chloe will have a great time. I'll say a prayer for Amanda as well.

Tracy Mock said...

I feel the hole in your heart too...... even though it has been a few years since my kids have been in school it still feels like yesterday watching them walk thru that door and the pain I felt, choking back the tears and not being able to swallow. It was even worse for me the day Zack started Middle School....... I cant belive next year he is in high shcool! Amanda is in my prayers and she will do just fine. She has been a very strong girl ever since she was small Amy! She gets that from you.... she has had a great role model to learn from! You have always dealt with rocky roads with grace and elegance.

Amy said...

Tracy, you're so sweet. If you were to tell Amanda that she's strong she'd tell you that she doesn't want to have to be but I really believe that God's hand has been in all of this and that he's been preparing Amanda since she was small for great things.

And seriously- I'm not the only one that's handled tough times well. If you'll remember we were married to partners in crime ;)