Monday, November 20, 2006

I don't have much time to post this morning but Travis finally set up our printer (we've had it for about 3 years) and it has a scanner so I scanned these pictures of Amanda and thought that since most of you weren't around when she was little you might like to see what she looked like. The first one was taken on June 10, 1990 and the second was was at her 2nd birthday party in front of her Big Bird swimming pool.

In other news, Travis and were able to purchase and entire bedroom suite from a guy in Old Hickory that just wanted it out of his garage. We got an armoire (which we'll be using in the living room), a gigantic dresser, mirror, 2 bedside tables, head and foot boards, chair, ottoman and a ceiling fan for $200. I love Craig's List! Anyway the head and foot board are king size and we thought about upgrading but with all of the other furniture there's just no way it will fit. But the guy wanted $100 for just the armoire and when I saw the pictures of it all I figured we could sell the pieces we don't want or can't use and offset the cost of the purchase. Overall, the style isn't what we would have chosen if we were going to buy whatever we wanted but the white washed pine finish is still being sold so it's not out of date and it's the first time we've had matching bedroom furniture since we've been married so I'm excited about that. The guy we bought it from was super nice and has some other things for sale like this Lazy-Boy that's super-cool but out of our price range- I did think of Mary when I saw it though.

It seems like it's one step forward and two steps back here. We finally got the kitchen mostly cleared out and have started stripping wall paper. But last night we had to take the seats out of the van to go get the furniture and so the seats are in the kitchen, the new night stands are in the hallway and everything is in disarray again. And to add to the chaos we rescued a beautiful little black kitten from the animal shelter and she's just as sweet as she can be. Her name is Sophie and she's just great with the girls. She seems to have fallen in love with the entire Button family and we're really thankful to have her.

That's all for now I'm still looking for the USB cable so I still can't post pics. Travis brought one home from work the other day but it looks like the one we had is specifically made for a Kodak camera so no luck yet. I'm sure it will turn up soon. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Posted by Picasa


Tracy Mock said...

I was around for little miss Amanda! Those big gorgeous eyes and yes I do remember the Big Bird Pool LOL! I also happen to remeber a little princess going wee-wee all over my new bed spread teeheehee.... Gone are the days of "Raid" & Worry and into the days of peacefull-n-happy bliss! Happy Thanksgiving to your family we are headed to Florida tomorrow for 10 days! Love yaw'll!

Amy said...

Oh gosh! It is good to still have a friend that remembers those days. Have fun in FL, I'm so jealous.

Tisra said...

Amanda is beautiful- but how could she not be?! I'm sorry we missed out on seeing her younger years; she's precious to us.

Okay, the kids had so much fun the other night- they keep talking about it. Pizza. Kitty. Favorite friends. Even Lael has been repeating Halle's name! Thank you again!

I can't wait to see the bedroom furniture. I'm thrilled for you guys!

mary said...

awww! Amanda was such a cute little thing. She still is of course. I do like the recliner but I don't think I have $500.00 to spend on something that wouldn't match my living room furniture. I'd love it in my sewing room though. Wouldn't that be nice to have my own comfy recliner just for my quiet times? A girl can dream. Way to go on the bedroom furniture. Hope you can sell the other pieces and get something that fits and matches.

Amy said...

That would be so nice. As soon as we saw the recliner Travis and I both said that looks like Mary.

Thank you all for your kind comments about Amanda. It really makes me feel good to know that you all love her (almost) as much as I do.