Monday, May 22, 2006

Pidgy's Twins

Well, the time has finally arrived and "Pidgy" our resident doves eggs have finally hatched. If you'll remember a few posts back I called them pigeons, which is technically correct, they're from the same family and all are pigeons but the smaller ones that we have are more commonly referred to as doves. It's amazing that they're so tame. They let me take their pictures this morning with the little ones exposed- they've been under Mom or Dad since late last week and I only saw them during one of their feeding times. You'll probably notice my flowers that they're sitting on. It's funny but the plants that they're sitting on are green and look very healthy but the ones they're not sitting on aren't doing so well. I hadn't watered them thinking that since we've had so much rain they'd had enough but apparently it hasn't reached them so they were very close to dead-grrr. Darn finicky plants, they're supposed to be drought resistant.
In other news, Amanda's play was this past Thursday and she did a fabulous job. It wasn't a big budget High School extravaganza, it was her Theater class' final-sort of. So the acting level on her cast members part wasn't that high. All kids are required to take a fine art credit and she was pretty upset that her class mates weren't taking it seriously. But they did seem to pull it together and seemed to be having a good time and they're weren't too many dropped lines. I enjoyed it and the lead characters did a really good job, especially Amanda. The picture below is Amanda and the guy that played vice principle somebody- I can't remember- but he seemed pretty cool and was the only person I could get to pose with Amanda. So they can act but they're too shy to have their picture taken?

And last but not least I have discovered Angel Food Cake. I had only tried it a couple of times and wasn't crazy about it but since I'm trying to eat healthier- always- I decided to try it again. It's just a cake I purchased at Sam's Club but it was really good. I cut up some fresh strawberries and put a little sugar with them and it made a light, refreshing dessert. Homemade whipped cream would have been nice but I decided to skip that. I love summer time and am looking forward to lots more fresh fruit and veggies- yum.

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mary said...

When you first mentioned the pigeons I wondered if perhaps they were mourning doves. They were very common at our house in Donelson, several nested near the house. And that is indeed what I see in the pictures. I used to think they were rather pretty and I liked hearing them once in a while when I was growing up but after having so many poop on my car in Donelson, I've lost my affection for them.

Way to go Amanda! I hope you were able to get a good video of the performance.

I love angel food cake but since I love a good chocolate cake so much more I rarely go for the angel food. My dad buys the strawberry ones often and puts strawberries and sugar on top. Mmmm.

Amy said...

I had a lovely picture of the angel food cake and strawberries on this post---then I edited it and somehow lost it---grrr.

Well, I remember the poo covered cars and I don't blame you. Thankfully it's helping my flowers some though.

I got all but the last 3 or 4 minutes. I ran out of tape; I could kick myself for recording the scene changes.

Tisra said...

So, has Amanda got the acting bug? She should try out for the school-wide productions and invite us next time.

Mary, I recently had CHOCOLATE ANGEL FOOD CAKE. Amazing. I don't know if they sell a mix for it or not, but I had it at church a month or two ago. Of course, I bet the right amount of cocoa added to a regular angel food cake batter would work. A couple tablespoons, maybe?

mary said...

I have never tried to make an angel food cake. I remember my mom saying it was difficult and too much trouble so I just sort of left it up to other people. You guys have got me thinking about giving it a try though. It takes lots and lots of egg whites as I remember.

Joyce said...

The doves or pidgeons are an awesome gift.....a nature lesson right on your back porch! And I so wish we could have seen Amanda! I love theater more than the movies (and that's saying a lot!)....As much as I love the arts, you would have thought I would have done something in the area but I was too shy and had ZERO self-confidence.....But again, Grandma gets to enjoy most everything she loves through the grandkids! So proud, Amanda......